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About Maqi Arts Copy
About Maqi Arts Copy

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Monthly Specials

  • $55.00 – Massage (1 hr session)
  • $85.00 – Eucalyptus Hot Stone Wrap (1 hr session)
  • $55.00 – Rose Foot Ritual (1 hr session)
  • $50.00 – Core Synchronism (1 hr session)
  • Couples massage – please call for availability.


Please call to schedule an appointment:

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Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is the deepest most luxurious massage on the planet.  It is a smooth and rhythmic deep tissue massage using the sole, pads and surface of the therapist’s clean feet & body weight.  The ashiatsu bars on the ceiling are used to assist the therapist to tempo the pressure and depth during the treatment.  This is an extremely unique treatment.  Once you try it, you won’t go back!  Ashiatsu is a Japanese word that means “Ashi” = foot, “atsu”= pressure.

Core Therapy


Core Synchronism is a system of hand medicine designed to assist nature in establishing harmony with all parts of the organism. It is not pathology specific. It is a mechanical system designed to restore balance, which results in activating an individual’s self-healing ability.  This form of bodywork was discovered by Dr. Robert Stevens.



Massage therapy is a timeless healing art improving the function of the musculoskeletal system and assists the human body maintain overall health. MaQi Arts provides a professional, deeply relaxing massage using intuitive pressure, and will customize your session to your individual needs.

Hot Stone


Warm your bones and melt your tensions away with a relaxing hot stone massage.  Native American’s perceive the stones of the earth as the Grandmothers holding ancient wisdom and guidance for  healing the soul. Combining hot stones with massage brings a spiritual element that  unblocks stagnant areas and chronic tension in the body.

Best Massage Boulder and Best Ashiatsu Boulder! Find out for yourself and schedule an appointment today. Your body will thank you.